What is Parkdecor

Parkdecor® is a pure mineral material that is ideal for the realization of surfaces, roads, gardens and other moving and running surfaces with a load of up to 7.5 tons. It is available in five permanent colours.

Parkdecor® is waterproof and does not require drainage solutions. Due to its special structure, it has long-lasting life and ability to regenerate itself to a certain degree of surface damage. It also has strong resistance to load. Therefore, it is suitable for cycling trails, but also for access roads. Thanks to its colours, it will lighten up every garden or park.



Parkdecor® is a 100% ecological material

It does not contain any binders or chemistry. Parkdecor is purely mineral and 100% natural. The laying of the surface is simple and is suitable for nature and the city. Maintenance is also very simple. If you decide to extend the path or surface, we will guarantee you the same colour for 50 years.